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comment Getting BADSIG error during `apt-get update` on Ubuntu
I tried solutions from this link but still getting the error. as the problem lies with utopic release repo and it's a public repo, isn't it feasible to assume that everyone is getting this error? If so, then how are you tackling it?
comment Can't get the desired speed from the Main Server
@wlraider70 No. I mean when I select the main server then the speed is slower than the Bangladesh server. It's not about language.
comment Using Emacs as Terminal in Ubuntu
So it works. Thanks. Now is there any easy way to learn to use Emacs as Terminal? I mean the wiki seams to be scary as I don't have that much knowledge on Shell. So any easy way of doing this might help me a lot. Any link?
comment C programming on Ubuntu
thanks @Balder! It worked!
comment C programming on Ubuntu
"gcc -Wall 13.c -o 13.out -lm" "chmod +x 13" "./13" These are the codes I used for compiling, executing and running my code. It compiled I think, but failed to execute and run. The message says 'No such file or directory'.