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In the stackoverflow context, what's relevant is that I am a long time software developer - about 45 years - with deep experience across numerous assembly languages, c, python, Perl (yech), and even (way back when... the memory is slipping away, thank goodness) FORTRAN. I have several large commercial software products out there currently, and have released many more over the decades that are no longer particularly relevant.

I'm also a hardware developer with numerous commercial products to my credit. I've awards for hardware designs, software designs, and even for contributing to the technical base of the amateur radio community. This tends to underlie how I approach software to some degree, even when you would think otherwise. I'm often found looking at compiler output and mumbling to myself. It disturbs my cats.

I'm presently working in (still very much in the learning phase) objc / Cocoa, and mostly having a good time doing it. Every once in a while I run into some inexplicable shortcoming (like not being able to specify arguments to methods in any order, or not being able to have them default to certain values if not specified in the method invocation) but overall, it's interesting and engaging work.

Later this year (2011), the product I'm currently working on (a large and capable DSLR image manipulation system for OSX with a very accessible 3rd party developer interface) should be released. I'm looking forward to it a great deal. If you like writing image processing code, perhaps you should get in touch. How does 20...50 lines of very simple (gcc) c code for an OSX image processing plugin, complete with interface, sound?

Favorite HLL: Python (2-series... Python 3 is a different language)
Favorite MLL: c (that's right, not c++)
Favorite LLL: 6809 assembly (a great design. Someone should build one 64-bit / 3 GHz)
Favorite 0LL: 6800 binary (...simply because I can read it.)

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