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I am on a learning spree and working as a Java developer

comment How do I set Ubuntu Software Center as default to apt links?
I'm afraid I do not know Swedish but generally you can search a software from Ubuntu Software Center(USC). Once you type the name it shows all similar things in its software sources. If the software is not available then you have to add the source of the software to your USC. Then you can simply search select and install. askubuntu.com/questions/4983/… Also try, open USC and tick View > New Application in Launcher
comment Unity launcher bar stuck and won't hide
@shantanu I face the same issue when running java based programs, Such as Netbeans. If one of the windows (in netbeans e.g.output, tasks) dragged this is a sure thing to happen. This happened with LibreOffice - Draw but i couldn't reproduce it. Dragging other component of a program e.g firefox tab or desktop icon do solve the matter
comment Use of /opt and /usr/local directories in the context of a PC
so netbeans goes to /usr/local as it depends on jdk and other compilers + plus it follows linux FHS?
comment Use of /opt and /usr/local directories in the context of a PC
Is there any rationale behind it or is it just a good practice? (I mentioned netbeans as an example - I changed that part to remove any ambiguities). Thank you