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comment Crontab file is garbled! HELP!
The crontab file isn't edited directly, IIRC. You should use crontab -e and then the function keys correspond to the numbers given to the hints on the bottom of the screen. And it sounds like your system language got set to German somehow. There should be something in your preferences for setting the language of the system, I am not in Natty so I don't know what it is called there, but it looks like Language Support under System/Administration in Maverick. I just wanted to answer so you wouldn't get freaked out! Simple solutions, don't fret.
comment Why doesn't Banshee recognize my video mp4 files?
Nautilus properties says its an h.264/AVC with AAC audio. It does not appear to be a 'watch folder' situation, because I dropped an xvid into my Video folder, and Banshee saw it right away.
comment Why am I unable to access the context menus in new Firefox?
Yeah, that sometimes fixes it.
comment Since that last kernel upgrade X uses too much RAM
Well it has mostly stopped, I think it was Gwibber and gwibber-service.
comment Since that last kernel upgrade X uses too much RAM
I will check into booting with the last kernel, if I didn't tell Grub to only keep one around.
comment Since that last kernel upgrade X uses too much RAM
Oh sorry I didn't respond earlier to you guys thanks for answering. I thot I was supposed to get emails for replies, but I guess not. Anyways, I have 2 gigs of Ram. And I am using htop sorted with the memory field. I kill anything iffy, like Chrome and DropBox, and while the swap will clear up a bit, the line with /usr/bin/X is always at the top and still shows 44-59% RAM and then right below the next biggest ram eater is like compiz 2.3% or AWN. It HAS to be an X memory leak cause X doesn't go down in memory usage even after I close Chrome, which is by far the biggest RAM eating program.