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I am a person learning how to code, how to program, and how to hack(harmlessly of course) My aim is to be a defender of the web. Hope anyone can teach me something.

comment How to remove the Mail icon indicator applet?
Thanks a lot. I was searching for that option earlier under preferences.
comment Touchpad not working after suspending Laptop [14.10]
It didn't work for me. I have the same exact problem. I also tried to update my linux kernel, as many said would fix the problem. Now i'm on 3.18 and still the problem persists.
comment Unable to start sublime text
Sorry for commenting on old post. Thanks for the tip. I got the same exact problem. And now I found out that my version of sublime text editor was i386/32 bit version. Uninstalled it, and reinstalled the 64 bit version and now everything works fine.
comment when i am trying to run a perl file i am getting permission denied error
Please try ls -la to see the permission of the file configure-lxr.pl and give it executable permission sudo chmod a+x configure-lxr.pl where necessary.
comment How do I check whether a module is installed or not in Python?
@Bakuriu Oh, didn't knew it. When I install it, i had to install pip through easy_install and distribute. That's done on windows I think. But Linux is much simpler. Thanks for your info.
comment How do I check whether a module is installed or not in Python?
You can also use pip to install modules. But first, pip needs to be installed first. sudo apt-get install python-pip and then to install modules, just type pip install numpy