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Programmer by day, Gamer by night. I love to tinker with things and probably break them in the process.

Programming Stuff

C# ASP .NET Developer with a history of anything but: iOS (Objective-C), Windows Forms, Android, SQL Server, Java, HTML5/JS, Salesforce, SiteCore, Dynamics CRM, Windows 8 Apps (C#/XAML), Xbox 360 Apps (C#/XAML) and everything in between.

I'm currently ramping up on DevOps techniques & technologies as well as studying for the Microsoft HTML5/Javascript certifications.

Gaming Stuff

Find me on

  • A Pinch of Salt Gaming! (YouTube) - as Ryan
    Let's Plays with a crew of the saltiest compatriots I know! We play games, talk crap and get a little salty in the process. Check out some of the series' I'm in:
  • Pokétown! (Facebook) - as Admin Charmander
    Like Pokemon? PokéTown is a Facebook group for Pokémon everything! Battles, Trades, Breeding, Discussions, RMTs, Shiny/5 IV Giveaways and more! Join now! (Be sure to read the rules!)
  • Steam! (PC) - as FuKn|DrRobotnik
    I play lots of Team Fortress 2, mainly Spy but also whatever the team needs

Top 20 Favourite Games/Series

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