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Hey there! My name is Fotis Koutoulakis, and I am a young Computer Science Student from Greece.

I am extremely interested in learning how computers work. As a result, I spend a great deal of time with anything that has to do with Computer Infrastructure: Compilers, Computer Architecture, Programming Languages, Operating Systems and Virtual Machines.

My experience primarily lies in Unix like operating systems and when it comes to programming languages I feel particularly comfortable with C and Python. I also have exposure to C++ and Go, and can use them for work, but I am less experienced in them than the other two I previously mentioned.

I am also an Free Software developer. My time is usually spent studying and developing for the GNU Compiler Collection. When I am not working on GCC, I may spend my time on personal projects (usually compilers I have forked and test ideas on, or self built Unix like clone kernels), or study the structure of several projects (like for example LLVM, or GDB, or GNU Bash, or Operating Systems and kernels like Linux, or FreeBSD), or read books related to Computer Architecture, Operating Systems or Compiler design and programming languages.

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