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I am working for a company which is doing infrastructure operations and IT consulting jobs in Germany, Europe.

My sphere of activities includes virtualization topics, IP networking, storage, server operations, monitoring, backups and network security. I was awarded the Microsoft MVP title for Windows Networking for several years in the past, although my public activity on Microsoft-specific topics has declined seriously due to lack of time so it is not likely to happen again that soon.

If you need to get in touch, just mail the company: office@syneticon.net

If you are wondering about the avatar bunny, Ubisoft supplies a lot more to look at and wonder about.

comment Why is 12.04 removing the -server kernel flavour?
The I/O scheduler does indeed make a difference especially for virtualization workloads. Take a look here: publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/lnxinfo/v3r0m0/topic/liaat/…, it concludes "overall, the figure shows that the Deadline I/O scheduler outperforms the CFQ I/O scheduler, especially in multi-threaded scenarios".
comment MDADM Superblock Recovery
-1 for the "unrecoverable bit error rate" hysteria. All of the articles I've seen on this topic were misinterpreting the manufacturer's numbers as "errors per bits read" whereas they are "errors per sectors read" - which makes a differentiating factor of 2^17 or more than 10^3, making it roughly 1500 exabytes. The common sense should have taught anybody spreading this rumor that with a substantial number of RAID5 arrays are running with drives >> 2 TB nowadays, the word would already have been around much faster than with theoretical calculations based on wrong assumptions.