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comment How to merge text files?
@JorgeSuárezdeLis While this answer doesn't directly help OP with his/her question, please do note that this answer probably will help someone else who just has a few files they'd like to merge. (oh hey, like me! thank you! ^-^) +1
comment Can I save the command output to a file other than text-files?
Darn! :p Thank you for the response and options, though! But shoot, was seriously hoping that it would be possible. Ah, can't get it all! (would be too easy, yeah?) lol
comment Password not working for sudo (“Authentication failure”)
It was part of both. I kept typing something wrong (unsure what it was) but then on the last time I tried it, I managed to get it working. I honestly think it was mostly a password issue. I was using some special characters (not umlaut-special), and a friend of mine pointed out something to me with how my previous password started and how the terminal might have mistook said password. (That, or it was just some freaky glitch, but since it hasn't happened since password change, I'm calling user error on myself.)
comment Password not working for sudo (“Authentication failure”)
I appreciate you trying to help, but I don't have a special keyboard layout. But I do thank you very much for the effort! ^-^