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I am open-minded and enthusiastic. I have a great combination of thoughtful creativity and leadership. A sensitive soul with an expressive nature, I tend to be quite a romantic at heart. Sometimes I love nothing more than escaping into my very own dreamworld. Spontaneous new experiences can be really inspiring to me and I like exploring my creative side from time to time. My natural tendency to look on the bright side always helps! I like adventure and original experiences that stimulate and challenge my status quo.

I am an adventurer at heart, and love to see new places when I get the chance. I love music. My life is definitely set to a soundtrack. The atmosphere and energy of a live gig makes me tick. There's just something amazing and uplifting about seeing a great musician play that I can't get through a pair of speakers.

I am quite intuitive and find the beauty of nature visually inspiring. For me, getting away from it all means just that. Escaping into nature and heading off the beaten track is what I live for. It's the perfect way to unwind and recharge those batteries. And let's face it: Sitting out under the stars can be very romantic!

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