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Originally from NC, I now live in Moorhead, MN (which for Linux users, this may be interesting as it happens to be the very town Slackware Linux was created).

I discovered Linux almost a year ago, and while I have already taken and passed a course on Linux in college, most of my knowledge comes from personal experiences and self-teaching. I find Linux to not only be intriguing and fun, but I have sensed a spirit to it, if you will, as though truly all the work that goes into it by its developers for the benefit of freedom and open-source really shines through in the work Linux distributions have. Compared to more popular commercial entities who make proprietary operating systems, there is not the greed or monopolistic tendencies within Linux. I find this to be the best quality of all.

All in all, I would consider myself now to be intermediate in my overall knowledge of Linux, and that continues to grow.

Finally, I believe that I would love to work in a career as a Linux System Administrator some day, perhaps with server administration or perhaps work as a Security Auditor or become an accredited Ethical Hacker for hire. For those who do not know, Ethical Hacking, or White Hat hacking is a very esteemed and respected skill and is not to be confused with Black Hat hacking. Technology is important to me and so is the future of the web and all it encompasses. I take pride in perhaps defending it against those who abuse the very nature of security vulnerabilities for personal gain, because this not only affect the vicitims, but also the internet as a whole, and negatively at that.

I currently an running a dual boot of Debian Wheezy KDE and Ubuntu 10.04. My PC is an Asus K53e laptop, with an Intel i5 - 2450 Mhz processor, Sandy Bridge chipset, and 6 GB RAM. I have owned this laptop for over 6 months now and account and not only is it my pride and joy, but I took pleasure in wiping Windows from it before the first boot of Windows 7 could start. My laptop has never been happier than with Linux on it.