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comment How to remove frozen entry in Nautilus file/copy transfer dialog?
Feel the power...
comment In VirtualBox, how do I set up host-only virtual machines that can access the Internet?
This helped me a lot, I use Virtualbox for development, and when I'm in my house, everything works correctly since I have the network setup to my likings, the nightmare starts when I move to another network (family, companies...), I have to change websites URLs, delete some systems files, reboot I don't know how many times and the list goes on. This solution doesn't care about your current network which is why I like it...Just plug your PC to any network and focus on your work.
comment How can I access to guest machine via ssh which has Bridged Adapter
Sorry for the late reply, but there are many reason the reverse connection could fail, maybe you don't have the SSH server daemon running on the host...What error message do you have?...I think it's better to create (ask) a new question.
comment Share files and printer between two Ubuntu boxes
Please read Do Not Use the no_root_squash Option
comment Overactive fan on Dell Inspiron 15R
You're refusing corrections!
comment VirtualBox '/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup' issue
@GarrettFogerlie Maybe in your case it worked, but the OP clearly specifies that he already installed the headers, so I assume you didn't read the question.