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comment Supported laptop with touchscreen?
There are some proof-of-concept desktop touch apps available for 13.10, and they work pretty well to demonstrate the possibilities. But for most daily use the touchscreen isn't really relevant yet. I don't regret getting it -- the price difference between the X1 with touch and without was minimal, and it may be nice to have in future if more touch stuff hits the Ubuntu mainline -- but it's not a case of "you'll hate yourself if you don't get it."
comment Supported laptop with touchscreen?
I don't know the full range of Unity gestures, but the ones listed in that forum post (three- and four-finger screen tap) both work for me.
comment Removing Firefox in Ubuntu with all add-ons like it never existed
That's correct -- the same process will work on Windows, OS X, or anywhere else Firefox runs, though the exact command to invoke the Profile Manager and the location of the profile directory will vary depending on what OS you're on.