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I'm a hobbiest programmer working for IERUS Tech, Inc, a start up R&D firm in electromagnetics.

I am an avid VB.NET fan, and I recently have come to love Qt with C++. I enjoy writing programs just to see what I can do, which usually follows me wondering how far I could take it, and wondering what more I can add.

My sandbox of all the things:

Hello. C write I. Me no know English but good programmer very.

Well, you shouldn't sign it if you're his student. That's like signing up for Anal Commando IV, as a training dummy.

Keyboard error or no keyboard. Press F6 to continue.

"I don't care for people in funny hats, they seem to demand something on the account they are wearing a funny hat."

Reading from file to stringstream

I'm not the kind of girl that dereferences on the first night

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