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I am Scottish and I live in Hungary, there was this girl.... you know the rest. As far as me and Ubuntu are concerned I found it about when 9.04 came out I was still using Xp at the time I had a lot of difficulty's getting it working on my system at the time (I admit it I gave up) But a seed was planted. Little did I know that in 6 months that seed would turn in to a tree just in time for a Koala to sit in it (talk about milking the metaphor). At the time I had Vista on a laptop which managed to kill the hard disk (no proof just a hunch). But the difference in performance and stability was awesome (dude) and I have been using Ubuntu and other flavours of Linux since. I believe we have only scratched the surface of what is possible, the future is bright the future is a penguin? One thing I will always remember is Ubuntu and what the word means, Learn it Live it.