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I have been an Apache Tomcat committer since November 2003. I initially worked on Tomcat in my free time but since August 2008 I have been employed by SpringSource (now part of VMware) to work on Apache Tomcat. I spend most of my time working on Tomcat but I also work on tc Server, VMware's Servlet & JSP container based on Apache Tomcat. Additionally, I lead the SpringSource security team.

I am the Apache Tomcat 7 release manager where I try to release a new version every month or so. I am currently focussed on Tomcat 8 development which will support the new versions of the Servlet, JSP and EL specifications as well as adding JSR356 (WebSocket) support. I am a member of the JCP expert groups for JSR 340, JSR 341 and JSR 356.

Elsewhere as the ASF, I am a member of the ASF security team, a member of the ASF infrastructure team and I am also on the Commons PMC where I focus on Commons Pool and DBCP.

I am a member of the ASF.

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