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I have been an Apache Tomcat committer since November 2003. I initially worked on Tomcat in my free time but since August 2008 I have been employed by SpringSource (now part of VMware) to work on Apache Tomcat. I spend most of my time working on Tomcat but I also work on tc Server, VMware's Servlet & JSP container based on Apache Tomcat. Additionally, I lead the SpringSource security team.

I am the Apache Tomcat 7 release manager where I try to release a new version every month or so. I am currently focussed on Tomcat 8 development which will support the new versions of the Servlet, JSP and EL specifications as well as adding JSR356 (WebSocket) support. I am a member of the JCP expert groups for JSR 340, JSR 341 and JSR 356.

Elsewhere as the ASF, I am a member of the ASF security team, a member of the ASF infrastructure team and I am also on the Commons PMC where I focus on Commons Pool and DBCP.

I am a member of the ASF.

comment apache mod_jk not working
Are you sure the connector on port 8080 is an AJP connector? 8080 is normally HTTP with AJP on 8009. There are plenty of possibilities for why this isn't working. We'd need to see the full httpd.conf.
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answered Why Tomcat process uses so many ports?
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