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I started making webpages in the nineties when I was a kid, and got into Linux around 2002.

I have programmed mostly on Linux and Android, in a variety of languages. Have worked also as a Linux systems administrator.

Debian is my favorite operating system.

Me > This Website:

As a developer, StackOverflow is a very useful reference tool.

I will say, though, that by and large, interacting with people on this website is painful.

The majority of incoming questions are asked hastily by people who have done little investigation, care little about their work, and to make matters worse, have a poor grasp of the English language. Responses to answers are generally just as bad as the majority of the incoming questions themselves.

The other category of user seems to consist mostly of insufferable nerds who will nit pick every last doldrom of detail including which synonym is most appropriate in a sentence. They are rude, self obsessed, and painful to encounter.

Anyway, while it may not be a great community, I do enjoy the challenge of solving a random technical problem from time to time, and it can occasionally be rewarding when someone appreciates the result.