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comment How to resize /run (to make /run/shm bigger) properly - and where is it's' size set?
For the sake of history: I found that best way to resolve oracle problems was to ... binary-edit $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle and change strings /dev/shm into /run/shm (fortunately they are of the same lenght). Oracle wrongly calculates size in case of symlink
comment How to find *why* I can't bind some keyboard shortcut (or which app took it)?
The key which I press and which causes something unrelated to the currently active window to happen. For example global shortcut Win-S opens expo view, global shortcut Alt-Tab switches windows, F12 (in my setup) opens tilda drop-down terminal etc etc. And, as I said, whenever I press F9, the screen dims, and I have no clue which app does that and why. And something sometimes grabs Win-space. And in the past I happened to see F12 taken away from tilda (luckily this problem went away). So I'd be happy to have some way to examine those keyboard allocations.
comment Executor/Launchy alternative for linux?
Note Synapse tries to learn which commands and files are used often (nepomuk integration)