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I am A computer repair technician with a love for Unix/BSD/GNU LINUX and have used linux for the last ten years as my main desktop PC and for small media servers etc on my network, I have worked for an apple company for a time and got a good inside look into macs and MacBookPro's and OSX (an Overly Hyped Linux cousin called Darwin Kernel with a GUI borrowed from the open source NEXTSTEP effort that Steve Jobs used with the freeBSD based Darwin Kernel to create OSX. After watching the phenomenon that is LINUX from REDHAT through dial-up (6 day download), to Mandrake (became Mandriva) to OpenSuSE (until NOVELL sold out to microsoft for $26 million?) then Ubuntu and I have stayed with UBUNTU now for over 4-5 years. Sure there is plenty of testing and playing with debian linuxmint etc but UBUNTU is now my MAIN Distro. I Love Linux & Open Sorcery... :-)

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