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comment What does Vi stand for?
Vim certainly does not stand for Visual Improved. Expanding acronyms multiple times is not valid—far less something that isn't even an acronym. Also, incidentally: quoting the Vim manual: "VIM stands for Vi IMproved."
comment DELL Inspiron 7520 and amd radeon driver 13.1: How can I switch video cards?
git clone link Intel Ubuntu drivee doesn't make sense. After git clone there should be a URL to the repository location, which will probably end with /acpi_call.git.
comment 12.04 UI problems
Removing things in ~/.gconf/apps is often a good place to start for clearing config - e.g. the compiz-related things in there. Or you can just drop the whole folder, but that would remove things you may not want to lose.
comment Alt+Tab not switching between windows on 12.04
@harisibrahimkv: as soon as you are using a different desktop environment, you've got what is quite definitely a non-standard arrangement.
comment Is there a way to run MS-DOS alongside/within Ubuntu?
Why do you say to use Synaptic to get them? In 11.10 it's not installed by default, whereas the Ubuntu Software Centre is, and is the recommended way of installing apps.
comment Unity, VMWare Workstation and the Super (Windows) key
A couple of bug reports to get you started: bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/unity/+bug/704231 (claimed fixed?) and bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/806255; I know it annoys me, using VirtualBox.
comment How can I turn down the sensitivity of my volume slider
Time to join bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/…
comment How can I turn down the sensitivity of my volume slider
Unfortunately, this doesn't do anything in Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity any more. (Not sure about Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity as I gave up on Unity after a couple of days' trial.)
comment “The upgrade has aborted” error, how to proceed?
@Extender: put that as an answer
comment How to hide the Bluetooth icon in the panel?
So, you have to turn it on to get rid of it? Weird.
comment Screwed up my .bashrc file
@yayu: have you logged out and logged back in?
comment Where has all the RAM gone?
Main memory access time is in the order of nanoseconds, hard disk drive access time is in the order of milliseconds. You should rather wonder that it isn't (quite) a million times slower when it's swapping.
comment How do I remove Windows 7 from my dual boot system with Ubuntu?
A bit of information which may potentially be useful for others: when I was removing Vista, having booted into it not one single time after almost a year, I was somewhat worried by the fact that the NTFS partition had the "boot" flag set; I didn't want to stop my machine from booting. I was assured that this wasn't what the system used (the MBR is, of course, the important thing) and that this boot flag was only used by Windows itself. This proved to be the case; after removing the NTFS partition it all continued to work as before (and I was able to stretch my ext4 partition from the Live CD).
comment What web browsers are there for Ubuntu?
@Ancide, @The Negative Shape: here is one: Is Iron a Scam? Yes. It's out of date now, as it deals with no later than Chromium/Chrome/Iron 4 and now it's up to 11/12/13, but the situation seems to be approximately the same. Except that the options which weren't exposed in the UI - approximately the only justification for Iron, really - are now.
comment Is Alt+Tab made obsolete by Super+W in Unity?
Are you sure that Alt+Tab is slow? Not just delayed in appearance? You can tweak those parameters as desired in CompizConfig Settings Manager (I reduced the delay time to about .1 seconds for myself).