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Techinical Lead for Ubuntu Unity, Desktop Experience Team, Canonical Ltd.

In another life, I was also the author of Avant Window Navigator (AWN), Affinity and some mockups for various GNOME programs.

comment Performance of 3D applications on Unity/Compiz comparison with other configurations
This might be better as a bug against Unity, so we can keep track of it. As far as I know, Compiz's "unredirect fullscreen windows" was disabled due to clashing with notifications and other stuff. I'd like to make it work again, so videos/3d games etc play at full speed. If you can file a bug, I can assign it to the appropriate people and we can try and fix this issue.
comment If Unity launcher is auto-hide, how will elements on upper panel behave?
I'd agree, please open a bug for this as it's an issue not covered as yet. You can open it against unity in launchpad.net.