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cc young

Gray beard. From punch cards in '73 to ..... to partnering on large project with not-the-most-ethical-man-in-the-world-who-stole-all-my-work to starting over again - you've been there.

Living in Thailand with my wonderful wife and her family in the countryside. With the grace of God/Buddha/Turing hope to die here.

Current projects: chess-spider, an html5 javascript chess client; jsrp, a javascript html factory plus data record handling, rendering and posting, and Phiddler by Colin Dowling.

Love building beautiful things, intellectual camaraderie, discovery and teamwork; despise people who lie.

Love the Thai ideals of smiles, soft-spokenness and politeness - even if they put a knife in your back on the way out, they don't make a big scene about it.

Conclusion. Typical graybeard (clean shaven - wife's orders), freelance consultant.