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Greetings from Portland OR, the home of Linus Torvalds! I Just started immersing myself in Linux over the last few months. I grew up using dos, so I love how robust and efficient the Linux terminal is. I attend the PLUG (Portland Linux User Group) meetings, volunteer at Free Geek, (www.freegeek.org) as well as attend the 2600 meetings here in Portland, Oregon. I have learned a ton from a lot of great men and women in the Linux community here in PDX, and I have loved every minute of it... (when things don't go 'crash'). I primarily use the most recent Ubuntu flavor, but I am trying to build a test server using RedHat. I also use BackTrack-5 to monitor and evaluate network traffic on clients networks, as well as in test lab I have set up to test security. I use this site regularly to look up problems, and have gained a lot from askubuntu. I figured I should create an account to ask questions that other folks new to Linux might benefit from in hopes of giving back. I look forward to when I have gained enough knowledge to be able to help other users solve problems.

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