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Java coder with some experience with a bunch of scripting languages and some C, mostly on linux.

comment NTFS -> EXT4 migration, where did 120 GB go?
The remaining 30 gig might well be down to just more efficient packing of small files in NTFS.
comment Installing 12.04 server as a software RAID 1 mirror fails to boot
Alternatively you could boot from a CD and configure grub manually, but that's a little too involved to sum up in an answer. Too bad about the waste of disk space though.
comment Shortcut for “run application” in Unity
@skalka: thanks. I knew about that and I have been trying to use it more (and it is handy) but every now and then I just need a run dialog anyway.
comment Shortcut for “run application” in Unity
I tried out both, not sure which I'll pick eventually but gnome-do is less heavy than I thought it would be, so sticking to that for now.