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comment I'm upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04, and the installation is stuck at preparing libc6
@begueradj I posted it only in respect to the source where I'd found the answer to this problem. The answer was to click the "terminal" link in a window and to do an action required
comment Can I transfer files alo copy paste in Remmina (or another RDP client) on 13.04 while connected to a Windows 7?
actually I thought that this comment is related to this answer, so I posted it here. In my case everything is fine after removing +drives. Could you tell me where did you get this option? Cause I do not see it in the --help prompt
comment Can I transfer files alo copy paste in Remmina (or another RDP client) on 13.04 while connected to a Windows 7?
would you mind if I ask what can be the reason of this problem on connection? I type xfreerdp -u dk -p '1234!56' +drives example.com but it gives me the error transport_connect: getaddrinfo (Name or service not known) Error: protocol security negotiation failure
comment How can I copy/paste files via RDP in Kubuntu?
does not work for me to copy file from Ubuntu desktop to Windows remote server
comment is there any ability to set primary monitor
no, this is not a default monitor. Even if unity panel is displayed only at the left, right monitor still is considered as primary. For instance truecrypt window when launched appears on it, instead of left monitor
comment Should I align partitions on an SSD, if so how do I do it at install time?
to check whether alignment is correct this question might be helpful askubuntu.com/questions/50428/…
comment How to copy paste contents in VI editor?
I've tried to press in turn <kbd>"</kbd>, <kbd>+</kbd> and <kbd>p</kbd>, also <kbd>"</kbd> and <kbd>p</kbd> and nothing has happened. What I've done wrong? I use vi not vim
comment Simple & easy way to jail users
Thank you so much. I have tried all three top-voted answers and your one is the easiest. Actually it is the only one which worked for me.
comment Unable to safely remove usb-drive
as I understood, sudo umount /dev/sdx is the same as select 'eject' option instead of 'safely remove'
comment How do I delete the entire history (Recently Used Items) in the dash?
Thanks, as for me this should be the accepted answer.
comment What is a good pixel ruler?
I installed screen ruler and for some reason it does not work. It is simply not visible, there is only the icon on the Unity launch bar. Does anyone know why? I have Ubuntu 12.04