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Mobile developer developing on android. Previously a senior developer in mostly Java, JEE stuff, and a C++ & C developer. Also have some experience in Python, Perl, and a little experience in lots of languages I don't get to use that much, e.g. Haskell, Prolog, and so on.

comment Unistall a specific application
That command is fine but it won't stick unless you put it in .bashrc or something so it runs every time you open a terminal. It also seems odd that you'd have it in a directory called /home/downloads/play-2.0.2/ since usually your home directory would be /home/<your_username>/ - I'd expect it to be under there. Anyway, glad you got it working OK. I still run mine as ~/play-2.0.2/play so I don't have it on my path - their name is just too generic for my liking.