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Professionally: Former cognitive scientist turned IT consultant. I specialize in telecommunications systems for SMBs and call centres, systems administration, web application & site development and SEO/social media leveraging at my company, My Solutions IT. I also act as Head Tech at TechAlberta.ca supporting home and small office PC users.

Personally: Metaphysician and natural philosopher. Scrabble fiend. Chocolate snob (mmm, 73% dark single origin Cuban!) I blog about whatever happens to outrage me at the moment or catches my fancy on a whim - everything from consumer rights to the best restaurants in Mexico to Canadian politics.

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comment Start ssh server on boot
That's unfair - a package maintainer may have changed the default behaviour, so as it only runs on login, or other services it relies on (such as networking) may not run until a user logs in.
comment Suddenly cannot SSH into server from LAN, but can from outside LAN?
@Argusvision: which logs would those be, then? I posted the data from the logs I thought relevant.
comment Suddenly cannot SSH into server from LAN, but can from outside LAN?
hm... it's just the one workstation. So the problem is likely with the workstation (all of a sudden!). I can't imagine what though...