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comment Eclipse version on Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr)
Its worth reading this page:… This seems to support L. D. James's answer.
comment I have downloaded Ubuntu 14.04 and burned it onto a disk, it's an ISO file.. will it boot from disk?
Use the Ubuntu dvd (yes it's bootable) to wipe windows. Don't wipe it with any other tool. Booting from the DVD will not wipe windows, you have to tell it do do that as part of the installation.
comment Why can't mount read files in “/etc/fstab.d/”?
As an update Ubuntu 14.04 is still using version 2.20.1 of util-linux
comment Wired networking stops responding when wireless is connected. 12.04 Server
Hmmm detecting this is going to be interesting, I'll have to look up a good packet sniffer. I've been testing this as other machines being unable to ping the server.
comment Why does sudo not add root's PATH with Ubuntu 12.04?
Accepting this answer because regardless of what I think I'm used to, appending /sbin/ and /usr/sbin to my own path is (I feel) the right way to fix this.
comment Why does sudo not add root's PATH with Ubuntu 12.04?
After asking this question I've been wondering if I actually want it. You put forward clear reasoning for not doing. I'm on the verge of installing a sandbox version of 11.04 just to prove to myself that it hasn't always been this way. Just for the record, when I did the upgrade I made sure that the following files were not changed: /etc/sudoers /etc/profile /etc/bash.bashrc. I also made sure there were no user .profile and .bashrc files for my user or root. I can't see a logical reason for this having changed and am starting to question my memory.
comment Why does sudo not add root's PATH with Ubuntu 12.04?
Its very odd that I've never hit this before. The documentation points towards this being the correct action. I can't find anything significant that has changed in my sudoers file (when checking against the backup). I'll use secure_path to resolve the issue.