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I love to program and crosscompile baremetal C programs for ARM based microcontrollers, I love physics and i love writing science documents/books in LaTeX. It amazes me how physics is connecting all science and is helping mathematics to evolve. In order for science profession to comunicate on a high level i advise everyone to use Linux, LaTeX and a good vector imaging program like Inkscape.

comment How do I prevent immediate wake up from suspend and/or hibernation?
+1 This worked for me.
comment How can I theme my Qt app to resemble one written in Gtk?
It looks like qgtkstyle isn't available anymore on the link you provided. And as i searched for it, i couldn't find it anywhere.
comment How to copy & paste from Ubuntu VirtualBox guest to Windows host?
This CD image is not available anymore.
comment /etc/network/interfaces (Skype works but my browser doesn't)
I did edit my post a lot as i have discovered my problem, but still even now broadcast adress isn't totaly clear to me. Is this an adress my machine gets if it becomes a server?