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started using ubuntu when Jaunty came out. From then on it was testing new releases getting a sneak peak at the newest apps,designs. with every new release brings chalanges. being a part of the community that is global bringing together an idea the idea for freedom of choice no matter how large or small spreading creating and calaberating to make an operating system open to the world. To say i was a contributer, that i helped in keeping an idea that an open source Free to use free to change, is to me the greatest reward that money can't buy . Be open Be Free

comment Laptop Screen does not turn on after sleep
have you tried putting the laptop sleep mode using the function key to sleep mode before closing the lid
comment Problem after last update
Shapr i als ran into the same problem and your answer solved my issue as well thank you
comment I cannot adjust the brightness of my Acer Travelmate 4740 laptop
Have you tried this apps screensaver power maneger set screen brightness and uncheck the dim at idle