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comment Disable internet connection from terminal!
Regarding @Radu's original response, it no longer works in Ubuntu 15.04. Instead nmcli networking off is the new way to shut down all networking until manually restarted, and it does not require sudo.
comment Is there an easy way to get a single folder out of a Deja-Dup backup?
There is no such option (Ubuntu 15.04) for me. How do I get it?
comment Restoring a single file with deja-dup without scanning the entire backup archive
There is no such option for me, either (Ubuntu 15.04)
comment How can I tell Ubuntu to do nothing when I close my laptop lid?
On Ubuntu 15.04, I got "restart: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused" from the systemd command.
comment Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name?
If I have an Internet fqdm for this server, is this the place to put it? ie should I substitude in place of localhost?
comment Howto enable spellchecking in Canadian English (incl in LibreOffice) for all users / system-wide
@GunnarHjalmarsson Thank you! (1) Well, maybe I needed to log out or even reboot. Now the Canada option has the ABC by it. Also, a guest account has spell-checking working when they start up, and in Canadian. (2) How can I edit my question so that your response answers it? (@edwin), (3) Shouldn't hunspell-en-ca be installed by default if my stated location is in Canada when I install? Should I post an Ubuntu bug? (For two years, the install bug which makes Montreal not selectable on the world map has gone unfixed, but I can still try...)
comment Howto enable spellchecking in Canadian English (incl in LibreOffice) for all users / system-wide
Maybe I'm doing something wrong. But that package is installed, yet the options for me do not include Canadian English with spellchecking: viz
comment Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition + Ubuntu 12.04 + Bluetooth Headphones = Choppy Sound
I am not experiencing this (Ubuntu 13.10 on a Lenovo X230 Tablet) so far, but I cannot get the microphone (for which I bought the headset) to work at all. In fact, I get no sound out of Telephony Duplex mode. Have you got that working, and the microphone?
comment other windows of same application get hidden when I close one of them
Wow, I don't think I was clear about my problem. The focus behaves fine. But I have set things to "sloppy" focus, so I do not want window ordering/ visibility to change just because the focus does. This is only a problem in Unity. When I close one console (the others are not children), my focus should go to the browser or another console, as appropriate, but which window is on top should not change.