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All you need to know about me is that I never give up. I learned Java programming from 2007 and took Vendor certifications. Unknowingly I had a brain tumor for many years before being diagnosed in 2010 with an orange-sized Anaplastic Astrocytoma. I endured 4 brain surgeries, 6 weeks chemo-radiotherapy and 10 months chemotherapy before getting back to what I love in 2012 when I launched http://thejarbar.org and http://buhaugane.com

Oops 2012 and it happens again New tumor new surgery. Read about my life and support cancer (please) http://www.news24.com/MyNews24/Lack-of-brain-cancer-awareness-cost-me-Astrocytoma-20121011

AGAIN!! 2013 and diagnosed with my third tumor in as many years only more aggressive. Never giving up :)

Locate me on twitter @thejartender

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