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comment Ubuntu security with services running from /opt
That's a nice answer there. Thank you. I thought file permissions were coupled with processes. IOW I thought that interacting with a 'rootowned file meant that you had to belong to a root` group and the same with executables. This article was also useful in addition to your answer:
comment Ubuntu security with services running from /opt
@SergeyBecause for some of us, we don't just use a single system. Especially so if I am looking at getting a server for my own hosting needs and perhaps putting up a few VM's for what's excess. Besides I had to drift from aptitude when they started serving outdated packages that took months to update. How long was tomcat6 all that one could get from aptitude whilst my hosting provider had Tomcat 7? Others may just like to enjoy any version of Linux as a DIY system.
comment “Cannot locate suitable jar utility” while trying to install Oracle Java JDK
When are people going to learn that JAVA_HOME has nothing to do with being able to run Java other than being a variable which clients can use to see where Java is? A simple symbolic link of all the bin contents to the /usr/bin will get Java up on most Unixes I've tried....