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I am an aspiring IT student, and recently fell in love with Linux. I am very versed in Windows, and was looking to expand my horizons. My server runs Mine OS, a linux kernal built specifically for running Minecraft server hosting, which piqued my curiosity towards the Unix style of operation. My current computer uses an Intel Core2 Duo E6400, 2.13GHz, 4GB DDR2 800MHz (2x 2GB), and a nVidia 7900 GS GPU. All this housed in a 2006 model Dell XPS 410 took on Linux with style and grace. While I have been looking to upgrade, but alas don't have the finances, Linux makes my computer fun and interesting to use again. As far as my experience with troubleshooting goes, I prefer to work with hardware over any other problem, but don't mind getting my hands dirty in software. In my travels, I have seen that Ubuntu is a very powerful Operating System, but in its trade there is a rather steep learning curve. I feel like I could easily do anything in Linux that Windows or Mac could accomplish, and the open sourcing means that I won't need to drop a giant pile of money to use the better OS. Cheers!

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