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I am a fun loving and relaxed guy and generally wake up days at stretch if I have something really challenging at hand. During my college life, I almost completed 200 freelance projects, majority of them were written in my favorite language of all. Speaking about that, PHP is literally the third language I speak after Hindi and English. Currently at work using PHP is generally discouraged, but we can use it to make internal apps. Since I feel much much much comfortable writing code in PHP I built all my projects in PHP. These projects might be seeing a global roll-out soon.

Apart from working on new projects and helping out my blog readers, I love teaching whatever I know to whoever is interested, any time. I apparently am fond of Punjabi music(can't read/write or speak properly though) and play guitar occasional. Cooking Indian food is yet another talent I inherited and can cook up some cool stuff considered tough in Indian Cooking.


comment Google Search garbled on Firefox on Ubuntu 14.04
@DavidFoerster false! FYI dist-upgrade is not a distribution upgrade tool. It just upgrades the current distribution to the latest available you might wanna check again askubuntu.com/questions/215267/…. He was trying to reinstall firefox anyway, he didn't purge all the settings. Just showed him a better way.
comment Samsung 530U overheating
here is your Final Fix. I managed to solve it by version 13.04 when it started in 12.04. Check this out askubuntu.com/a/321546/31571