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My true passion in life is coding. After so many years the feeling that I get working with code is still addictive and seeing the result of it being used a bliss. Seeking ways to keep this sensations flowing through my veins has been my lifetime pursuit. This lead me into three different and complimentary paths:

First, is community. This is where I have the opportunity to grow with many others. I love being part of the Agile and Coder community, sharing experiences in unique events and dojos. That's where I can acquire new ideas and concepts and also contribute with a few of my own.

Second, is research. This is where I can freely explore new areas where my code abilities can stretch the current established knowledge. Today, may main focus is on Ubiqutious Computing and Games. That's why I'm currently a PhD student and co-founder of the Unbiquitous research group.

Third, is entrepreneurship. This where I can use my code to solve real life problems. As founder of two companies (Intacto and Qual Canal) I have the opportunity to see what I do fulfilling its purpose and generating value. This opened me the door to the Startup world and its community, which has been a very pleasant (and wild) ride.

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