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comment How to recover focus after losing it while using Wine
It does seems to get the focus back in KDE as well.
comment How to import google contacts into Ubuntu 13.04?
Thanks, this works perfectly well :)
comment How can I use the default theme from 12.10 in 12.04?
Thanks your method worked great, the theme is broken in 12.04 though :(
comment Unity launcher Libre Office bug
@tijybba thanks I ran it. If I have the default Libre Office launchers locked in the panel this doesn't happen. I seldomly use Libre Office though and unlock the default launchers. This bug happens as soon as there is no default launcher locked to the Unity-Launcher and you open a document with one of the Libre Office applications.
comment Adwaita Dark theme title bar stays white
Thanks for the reply. I can see and activate the theme. I log out and in again. All works perfectly except the graphical glitch in the theme where the title bar is still white and in extreme contrast to the rest of the theme. I have seen screen shots of the theme and in the screen shots the title bar of a window is also suppose to be dark. Adwaita and the dark variant are default gnome3 themes (actually it is the default theme). This is some kind of bug with ubuntu. I found another post about someone else with ubuntu as well experiencing the same issue... Maybe there is some css setting wrong?
comment proxy authentication in system settings but with a twist
Thanks, it seem to have worked for most application. Yet some like apt does not work still.