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Retired Mainframe systems programmer with extensive configuration experience. From IBM 1400-Sperry 1100. Been building and configuring PC's for 30 years. Programming in Assembler (DOS based, M68000 and Z-80), BASIC(MSDOS, BALLY, and AMIGA), BeOS, C, C++, COBOL, CICS, CICS-VS, FORTRAN, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, JCL, MAPPER, PERL, POWER-VS, Shells (CSH, BASH etc.) and XML. Have written dis-assemblers, databases, graphic format translators, device drivers, encryption/decryption sytems, BBS's and Game generators.

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comment Installing Ubuntu with Software RAID 10
Don't waste the space with system or swap on a RAID10. Use a pair of SSD's in RAID1 for system and non-raided swap. Put /home and network shared devices on raid10.