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JavaEE Consultant by day and Android programmer by night.

comment Detecting HDMI wiring
If I do that the laptop doesn't boot. Looks like the nouveau drivers don't recognize the GPU. However, even if I do get it to work, I am assuming I would lose the power savings offered by Bumblebee, in which case it isn't worth it to me.
comment Why does my computer get less battery life with Ubuntu compared to Windows?
Watch out for issues like the mouse cutting out when on battery when installing tools like laptop-mode-tools
comment Power adapter is not seen in Ubuntu 11.10
I have filed a bug report here
comment Power adapter is not seen in Ubuntu 11.10
Seconded. Any pointers anyone? This was the only issue keeping on 10.04. It used to work fine until sometime last week, when this problem cropped up (I know this existed in 12.04). The only way I can get my battery to start charging again is to pull it out and put it back in when the adapter is plugged in (the laptop will turn off of course, as it completely does not see the power source). I updated to the latest BIOS to no avail.