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First and foremost, I'm a vegetarian. I don't think that animals who are killed for consumption are treated well, which is unethical. I also do not believe in killing animals before their natural death, so it's fine with me to eat an animal that has died prematurely. To those who say that we NEED to eat animals for protein, that seems silly to me, to value out own life as so much more important than an animals that we think it is moral to kill an animal for a benefit that can be supplemented with a careful vegetarian diet.

If you disagree with me, please message me at ftk1965@icloud.com.

If you agree with me, please copy this onto your about me. I also request that you put DEM (stands for Don't Eat Meat) on things like, for example, a black ops clan tag, or any short low character spot.

~Raj T.

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