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I am a part-time Internet Marketer and a full time Geek "hobbyist". I believe in social change, people power and sharing of the worlds resources and ideas, Ubuntu being a nice place to fit in these ideals! :)

Hobbies include, anything techie I don't have to assemble, metaphysics, holistic health, martial arts and the occult and esoteric fields. Favorite authors are Benjamin Creme, Alice Bailey, and Anthony Robbins.

comment Will not install - 12.10 desktop
Also, as jockster posted, try to see if it will boot up on a live cd (don't install). If you can get web access, other hardware works, you can narrow down to computer. I assume you have another operating system on there (windows 8 possibly)? If so it may be the UEFI boot.
comment How can I erase other versions of Ubuntu (backtrack, studio 10.04) from my computer's HD and boot selection.
Yes, all on one 2 TB HDD.
comment Why only 1 cpu is used instead of 2 on ubuntu 11.10
Please see this post: askubuntu.com/questions/97515/…
comment How do I get Clear Wireless to work on Ubuntu? Is there a solution?
I have also heard about porting in wifi through a virtual maching running windows in ubuntu. Has anyone tried this and what were the methods or drawbacks?