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I work at Knewton, where we're working to revolutionize how kids and adults of all ages learn. Previously, I founded the Kiln distributed source control system. In my free time, I program in Python and in Pharo, an open-source, cross-platform Smalltalk dialect. You can browse most of my code at my GitHub and Bitbucket accounts.

comment Sync notes between Android phone and Ubuntu?
What's the name of the client? I can't find it on the marketplace.
comment Native, FOSS GUI prototyping tools?
Thanks for the link corrections; I fixed them in my own post to go there, rather than the Firefox add-on site.
comment Unable to update thunderbird
As long as you installed from a deb before, that should be as easy as uninstalling the old one via Synaptic, adding the new PPA to the list of repositories, and then re-installing. As long as you don't purge the config files out, everything should be just fine. If it's not, I can walk through it on a VM and figure out what's different.