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comment Taking KDE config files with me
I just had trouble with Kate hanging on exit and finally fixed it by removing ~/.local/share/kate/, so for Kate, here is the full list of config files as far as I know: ~/.kde/share/config/kate* ~/.kde/share/apps/kate* ~/.config/kate* ~/.local/share/kate*
comment Can GRUB be scheduled? This means: changing default 'entry' (auto login) at defined periods of time automatically?
It might be better to do it via /etc/grub.d/00_header, because kernel updates (or the user) might call update-grub when adding new entries. cf:…
comment Ctrl+F4 doesn't work in KDE for Firefox
Strange, I always used ctrl+W to close tabs. Both work perfectly for me though (although I'm using Gnome at the moment).
comment How can I change the language order by command-line (or text editor)?
While this is very interesting (especially LC_MESSAGES), it does not really answer my question. I want to change the settings for one user, not system-wide. More precisely, I want to see+set the order of used languages (as listed in gnome-language-selector) for one user. (also without using .bash* files as it does not seem to be stored in them)