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[I really hate that you are required to register in order to ask questions on askubuntu.com now. Next you will have to register to answer! I'll just open a new account each time I need to use the site I guess.]

Some basic yet useful information.


Install an application = sudo apt-get install "application-name"

Update your apt list = sudo apt-get update

Remove an applicaton = sudo apt-get remove "application-name"

Set KDM as your default desktop manager = sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm

Open a .bundle file in terminal = sudo sh /home/me/Downloads/example.bundle


Gedit = a basic text editor = sudo apt-get install gedit

KDM = KDE's default desktop manager = sudo apt-get install kdm

KDE = A desktop environment = sudo apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop = ONLY INSTALLS THE DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT NOT THE ADDITIONAL APPLICATIONS.

Gnome Terminal = a terminal = sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal = DONT USE WITH KDE IN 13.04 OR 13.10.

How Tos:

Login as root in KDE4:

  1. Open Terminal And Type: sudo passwd root

  2. Enter the password you want for root

  3. In Terminal Type: sudo kate /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc

  4. In Kate Edit: AllowRootLogin=false to read AllowRootLogin=true

  5. Reboot Your Computer

Install Symantec Antivirus on Ubuntu:

  1. In terminal type: cd /home/admin/Desktop/sav-linux-1.0.8-17/deb/

  2. In terminal type: dpkg -i *.amd64.deb or dpkg -i *.i386.deb


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