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Aspiring software/web developer currently using Django. Slowly becoming obsessed with Stack Exchange. My wife is wondering where her husband went :-)

comment Do all webservers running locally rely on the /etc/hosts file?
@tgm4883: I'm doing all this to use subdomains, so having the appropriate subdomain is key for testing locally and on my staging server. I'd like to set up a few names for that staging server (on Heroku). Should be possible, right? I tried to add another line to /etc/hosts for that, but nothing is happening. Added this: www.my-site.staging subname.my-site.staging
comment Do all webservers running locally rely on the /etc/hosts file?
@tgm4883: THANK YOU!! Been beating my head against the wall on a bunch of different stuff today, so this was a big relief.
comment How can I change my keyring password from the command line
@August, I don't want to login via the command line, I want to change the password via the command line, which I'm hoping is stored in a config file somewhere? (the only way I can access the system right now is by dropping into a root shell prompt).
comment Should I exclude files when restoring /home folder from newer version?
Which files would you look to remove if you had problems?
comment My machine is not booting properly. How do I troubleshoot?
Thanks for the heads up!