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I do not claim original authorship of them, but if any of them turn out to be wrong or not very good, that is possibly my fault. :-)

comment I installed Ubuntu 14.04.1, after installation the computer boots back to installion page
possible duplicate of Ubuntu 12.04 does not boot after installation appears to succeed or Installing Ubuntu from USB - how to finish the installation. In short, since repairing GRUB is probably the solution to this, see How can I repair grub? (How to get Ubuntu back after installing Windows?) (even though in this case the problem was not caused by a recent Windows install).
comment Install problem on UEFI, Windows 8 new desktop
possible duplicate of Installing Ubuntu on a Pre-Installed Windows 8 (64-bit) System (UEFI Supported)
comment Add a login screen on boot to Lubuntu 14.04
possible duplicate of How to disable autologin in Lubuntu? or How to disable automatic login?
comment How to disable automatic login?
possible duplicate of How to disable autologin in Lubuntu?
comment How to install Ubuntu on 2 internal hard drives?
user305561: "AU" is an abbreviation for "Ask Ubuntu"--this site. Welcome to AU! :) @JacobVlijm That seems to answer this; I recommend posting that (or something like it) as an answer. This might be considered a duplicate of How to use manual partitioning during installation?--I'm not sure if people will think this more specific question should remain separately open. But either way I think there's nothing wrong with answering it now.
comment How to run installation CD for second monitor?
Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! Like dobey says, we need more hardware information to help you. Please look at this question and then edit your question adding the information.
comment Regarding boot repair
Maybe How can I create a Windows bootable USB stick with Ubuntu? and/or How to remove Ubuntu and put Windows back on? will help.
comment LTSP client booting Error
Close-voter(s): 10.04 Server systems, running core packages only (but this includes what's being done here), remain supported through April 2015.
comment Local Network Places access in Dreamweaver 8
What are you trying to access, exactly? Are you running Dreamweaver on Ubuntu, or are you trying to access something on Ubuntu? I recommend expanding this to provide as many more relevant details as you can.
comment What is the best freeware app for Windows to mount EXT4 partitions (from a GPT 4TB Disk) as RW, safely without corrupting the EXT4 partition?
possible duplicate of How to read ext4 partitions in Windows?
revised Event Viewer and Device Manager for Ubuntu?
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comment Can I still use unity low graphics mode in place of unity 3d?
If you like you can boot to a command line with the text option: Press Space on the screen with keyboard & person icons, select your language and press F6. You'll see a menu; press Escape to close it. Moving the cursor with the left and right arrow keys, add text (with a space before and after) following quiet splash. Press Enter. After making your changes, start the GUI with sudo start lightdm.
comment Problem installing g++ ccompiler on Ubuntu 14.04
You said "I tried to install g++ using packages from another user. offline..but there were errors." Can you expand your question with details about what you mean by "from another user," exactly what you tried, what you did, and what happened (including the error messages--their complete and exact text as possible)? This may be the key to the current problem.
answered Problem installing g++ ccompiler on Ubuntu 14.04
comment Linux Mint Cinamon 17 Qiana, Xfce desktop background problem
@Seth That works too.
reviewed Reopen Encrypt home directory / LVM encryption - Ubuntu Server 14.04 setup
comment Linux Mint Cinamon 17 Qiana, Xfce desktop background problem
@Seth I don't know how to produce it (not in a way where I'd be confident it's really the same cause), just have an idea about how to look into it. Serj: The help has information about our well established policy re: Mint and other unofficial distros. For more info/discussion of this, you may be interested in this, this, this, this & that. How do you feel about migration?
comment How to set Value of JAVA_HOME variable
The reason it's not ideal to edit /etc/profile is that if a newer version of the base-files package provides a new version of this file, upgrading will usually either (1) discard the changes from the edit, which is bad, or (2) keep the old (changed) file, and not benefit from any of the changes made in the new package's version, which is bad. But editing /etc/profile does actually work, and that it works is the reason the documentation has to discourage people from doing it. If it didn't work at all, people wouldn't keep doing it.
comment How to set Value of JAVA_HOME variable
I have read the documentation you keep quoting from, and I am telling you: you have misunderstood it. It is not saying that setting environment variables in /etc/profile will not work. For many years, /etc/profile was the near-universally accepted way to set environment variables for all users, and it is still widespread practice today, and it still works. Editing /etc/profile--for any reason, this is in no way specific to environment variables--is not ideal, even though doing so works. "Not appropriate" does not mean "not effective" or "won't work."