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comment How to reduce the tearing while watching videos?
I dont have compiz and still i have tearing in ubuntu unity 2d, xubuntu,lubuntu,cinammon,mate,gnome shell everywhere ! And i tested many nvidia graphic cards the only way that i suceed to not have tearing is by using an ATI card and selecting the antitearing choice.
comment Is LibreOffice Writer able to read properly Ms Office Word docx Files?
It's not only the fonts its the format of the document a friend of mine gave me to print a docx document and its format, objects,frames etc were misplaced completely altering the document in a big way, this was very embarassing.
comment I have tearing on lubuntu 12.04 32bit (on flash videos things are very bad) , on ubuntu 12.04 i dont have tearing
WOW !!! Hey tearing is fixed now ! How is that ?? But i had the latest nvidia driver from those that was suggested by additional hardware drivers. Man thank you ! Frame rate is so high and i have no tearing !
comment How do I encrypt all my hard disk and not only the home directory
Yes i know about lvm in fact this was the reason i liked sabayon so much it helps me a lot !
comment Can't boot on a Gigabyte GA-770-D3L motherboard
Something about the cable order was wrong, also ive changed the cable after a month cause it had problems and now everything its ok.
comment Can't boot on a Gigabyte GA-770-D3L motherboard
cd rom boots like a charm but hdd refuse to proceed to booting. I tried to disable the efi boot on bios (its for windows 7 64bit) but it made no difference. Please help its something about my motherboard i never had problems booting ubuntu. I'm so desperate that i've installed windows
comment Can't boot on a Gigabyte GA-770-D3L motherboard
I can't boot ubuntu 11.10 from my hard disk (mentioned above) It doesn't even get me to the grub !!! When i install windows its booting normally. I don't know what is going on but something is really strange. Linux incompatible motherboard??? Motherboard that runs only windows?? What is going on ?