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Most of my experience is in developing, deploying or supporting and maintaining Java applications running in JEE Containers (Tomcat,Glassfish,WebLogic) or Spring typically backed by Oracle databases.

As a coder I'm happiest when working on code bases that have plenty of unit integration and acceptance test coverage.

As an application deployment engineer I am a meticulous planner, writing up step-by-step how I will make changes to production systems making clear the go/no go decision points and writing up rollback procedures.

I'm nuts about writing up how I fix problems and love working on wikis for my clients. I enjoy evangelising solution capture and getting other engineers involved in collating team knowledge and encouraging them to "put in what they know" into the wiki.

Going back I have commercial C and C++ product development experience I am currently learning Clojure and Gradle for fun.

I occasionally micro blog UNIX commands UnixOneLiners

Have some Android development for Severed Fifth, a metal band based in SF. The Severed Fifth Fan App is GPL'd and can be found on LaunchPad.

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