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Hey I am Awal Garg, the guy who doesn't care. Nice to meet you ;)

A great man I once said:

A blank piece of paper can provide home to a world changing idea; degrees and report cards only waste it by telling you the limit of one's power of cramming for exams.

I like to write JavaScript (not to be confused with jQuery), HTML(5), and CSS(3). And I like no-framework-php. I am a fan of the new HTML5 APIs like localStorage, webRTC, etc. They are cool, aren't they?

Have a session with me on Codementor!

I believe in education (not to be confused with academics).

I am an athiest, and for god's sake, don't ask why.

This site has a hotel too, with an unlimited number of rooms. Find me in room number 17 there :) AwalGarg @ Miaou

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